Registration is free. I just need to know how many people are coming. Please RSVP and get your hotel room and roommates. Just pay for your share of the hotel rooms. But “Reg” to let me know you’re coming so I can get a headcount. While I am happy with any and all people that can come, the bigger we get, the more bargaining power we will have with the hotels.

Fill out this form if you’re coming. Again nothing to pay to reg but fill out this form.

Welcome to ACFC! Have fun and please read these rules to ensure everyone has fun. This is an adult theme con so I will not jump down your throat with these rules. Please contact me or a mod if there is something troubling you and I will step in and help deal with the situation. 


You must agree to the following rules:  


  • This is an adult event and you must be an adult and 18 to attend

  • Common sense is key. Please note we are not a typical con. We do not have all the leniency, EMTs, or security to help. Therefore, I recommend partying in groups. As in, it's better to have a friend with you and help you up to bed rather than the hotel security. If you really want to party it up hard then do so in your room and not the casino floor. 

  • We must adhere to all of the rules of the hotel and their staff and the law. If you're in the common area, get a noise complaint, or security says something, please listen to them.

  • Please be aware there is no suiting in the common areas or the casino. The hotel is very particular of "masks" and "costumes". But you can suit in your room and in our suite and when we go to the boardwalk.

  • No drugs or illegal paraphernalia.

  • You are responsible for damage you cause.

  • You are responsible for yourself.

  • You must be 21 to check in to the hotel however if you are under 21 you can stay with someone that is.

  • You can walk around the casino if you're 18-21 but do not try to gamble or order a drink. You will be ID'd and get into trouble. You MUST be 21 to drink and gamble. 

As for the chat and general behaviors:

  • This is an adult event. You must be 18 to attend.

  • As this is an adult event I will not police the chat or crack down hard on jokes or memes. However there will be no harassment, hate speech, or abuse within this room. If there is something offensive please contact myself or a mod. Everyone should be able to have fun.

  • Spamming will NOT be tolerated! Please do not send any excessive pictures, gifs, or voice messages to the room, and try not to send excessive numbers of messages at once. This will be loosely enforced because the same sticker pack or memes repeatedly gets annoying.

  • The main chat will be a SFW chatroom. Do not share adult images and gifs. This is an adult theme con, so I'll draw the line at no nudes or overly sexual posts

  • I do not have a Twitter for this event and will use the telegram group's pinned message to keep you up to date on developments. Otherwise please check out


Sorry if this seems excessive but I would like to come back next year nor do I want anyone to get in trouble. I want everyone to have fun so I'd rather you  bring an issue to me rather than having a bunch of Mods lording over the chat. Everyone deserves to have fun so lets try this and see what happens.  Last summer we went to Harrah's and had a ton of fun without any incident and there's no reason we can't have that much fun again.