We are bringing furry back to Jersey to the dankest place in the state. We are going to party it up in Atlantic City NJ at a dapper Casino. More importantly this is an adult themed event. As always everyone is welcome but this is an adult event and you must be 18 and adult to attend. There is no dealers den, con space, or printed schedule. The event is more about partying with friends and spending time with others how you see fit. 

I will also snag us one of the huge ass suites to go party in as well. During the day, we’re going to hit up the boardwalk/beach to go suiting and find some Jersey Boardwalk Pizza. The weather is more comfortable in the Spring/Fall and will be fine to go suiting in or enjoy a nice walk on the beach. Please note this is not what you’d call a full blown con but this is a great party for good friends to come out to and have a good time.